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Round Rock Optometry


Lois has been in the optical field for 22 years and has extensive knowledge and experience. She's passionate about her job and her patients and goes above and beyond to put a smile on everyones face. In her free time, Lois and her husband love hiking Georgetown trails. She also enjoys Star Trek, reading and movies. 

Fun Fact: "At one point I had more pictures of William Shatner in my house than my husband." 

Lead Technician


Office Manager

Michael is a devoted husband, father, outdoors-man and musician. He enjoys spending his free time in the great outdoors with his wife Leia and kids, Landon, Jett and Maren. If you ever need a solid dad joke or an update on the latest fishing report, Michael is your go-to guy.

Fun Fact: "I was a drummer in a rock band called 'No Such Thing' for 10 years that went on 3 U.S tours."

Round Rock Optometry


Brooke was born and raised in Texas. She loves all things Unicorns and enjoys training Brazilian Jui Jitsu with her husband and son. She is always ready for an adventure no matter if it's a simple hike through a park or skydiving. 

Fun Fact: "I help coach Jui Jitsu to kids!"

Optician & Technician



Jen enjoys spending extra time with her family, cooking large dinners fit for an army and has been told she makes a mean Arepa and delicious Coquito. Jen loves taking family walks at the local Austin trails!

Fun Fact: "I've been drinking coffee since I was 10!"


Front Desk Supervisor

Abby was born and raised in Texas and grew up with 3 brothers. She recently got married in March of 2020 and enjoyed spending her honeymoon watching Friends while in quarantine. 

Fun Fact: "I have 4 cats!"


Monzeratt was born and raised in Texas. Originally from Eagle Pass. Monzeratt is an aspiring physician. In her free time she often takes her two poodles on car ride adventures.

Fun Fact: "I'm going to school to be a plastic surgeon."



Caitlyn is all about family, friends, and fun. She loves to spend her free time with a book, settle for a movie, maybe with some yarn & a crochet hook, or even play video games. When the weather is mild she enjoys taking her dog out around the block on her roller skates.

Fun Fact: "I'm working to finish writing and publish a young adult novel."

Front Desk 


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